No arrests eight months after man's body found in burn pit

8 months after he was killed, Kevin’s Price’s father, Jeff, can still find remains of his son’s truck where it was burned north of Somerset.

“I think they were trying to get it in that pond..they burned it instead,” said Price, pointing to the pond behind Somerset Eagle Harwood, where his son’s truck was found, several weeks before his body was.

The young man was killed and his remains were found burned in eastern, rural Pulaski County. His truck was found miles away near his workplace. Police have named no suspects or persons of interest. No motive has been made public.

“I wish it could have been simple, then again, I wish we could catch all of them as fast as it took them to kill Kevin,” said the murdered man’s father.

Since Kevin Price’s remains were found last winter, police have released little information about the investigation, even stopping short of saying how he was killed. But they still exude confidence they will solve this crime, and put an end to the murder mystery.

Jeff Price spent Father’s Day visiting the spot where his son’s remains were found. There he ran into the man who found the remains.

“Me and him talked. Then, I was thinking about how much I wish he was here on Father’s Day. And where I could put my arms around him and tell him how much I still love him,” said Price.

A reward still stands for whoever provides the final piece to the puzzle.

“The $20,000 is up there, for someone to claim who has any information on this. To me that’s easily made money. They wouldn’t mind to roll over on who’s done it,” said Price.

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