Family Homeless After Trailer Fire

A Powell County family has lost everything, including their pets, after fire destroyed their mobile home on Thursday morning. It happened around ten on South Fork Road outside of Stanton.

The homeowner, Stacie Hall, wasn't home at the time and says when she got the call from a friend that her home was on fire, all she felt was disbelief. Hall says she left the mobile home to run to the store and was only gone for about 10 minutes before she got that call.

Her friend, Chris Miller, says as he pulled up the home this morning, her could see smoke billowing out of the kitchen windows. He says it was too hot for him to get close to the door so he went and opened a window into the bedroom, but didn't see Hall inside.

Firefighters say mobile home fires are hard to fight because they go up so fast. Firefighters say once one is fully engulfed, it can be destroyed in three to five minutes.

Firefighters also say it is a good thing there have been some rain showers over the past few days because the overly dry conditions could have led to a forest fire.

We're told initially the fire crews were sent to the wrong address. The investigation continues into what started the fire.

There were no injuries and Hall says she's happy everyone is OK, but is concerned about where she, her husband and their three children are going to live.

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