Kentucky Escapee Featured On FBI's Most Wanted List

He's featured as one of the FBI's Most Wanted, right next to Osama Bin Laden. A man who escaped from a Kentucky jail three months ago was spotted again this week.

Tony Artrip is suspected in 20 robberies across the country.

Authorities think the Kentucky man may be hiding out in the woods near Ashville after a high speed chase and crash that had an entire community on lockdown.

Since his escape back in June, police say he's been busy robbing banks in several states. This week, authorities say Artrip turned up in North Carolina, but they only saw him for a few seconds.

Artrip has been on the run now since June 24th after his escape from the Grant County Jail by climbing a basketball pole. He was awaiting sentencing for several bank robberies in Ohio when he got away.

On Tuesday, far from Grant County, police pulled over a suspicious vehicle in Ashville north. Police say the female driver pulled over, got out and the passenger slid over into the driver's seat and took off.

Police chased the truck they say was driven by 35-year-old Artrip into an apartment complex, where he crashed his truck then took off on foot for the woods.

He hasn't been seen since those few seconds on Tuesday. Police have searched with blood hounds and helicopters and put the area where he was spotted on alert.

Artrip's Grant County escape wasn't his first. He broke out of a Boyd County jail ten years ago. He'd only been in the Grant County jail for 75 days before his escape there.

The FBI says he should be considered armed and dangerous.

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