Religious Messages Found Spray Painted Around Danville

Highland Court in Danville has its fair share of religious signs and symbols. The cross atop Olde Path Holiness Church, or the 10 Commandments sign in a nearby yard.

And now you can, at least temporarily, add another unique sign to the mix, although Mila Elkins doesn't quite understand what the vandal had in mind here from the way the first word was spelled in the message spray painted on the side of her truck. And she kind of wondered at first about the safety of her next door neighbor, Chris. That’s because the graffiti read “Chris Died 4 U,” with an obvious “T” missing from first word.

“Was a little concerned,” Elkins said a bit tongue-in-cheek. “Because our next door neighbor has the same name. I was, oh no, maybe we should check on him, see if he's OK.”

But the obvious misspelling of Christ isn't the only religious name found around here. Just up the street there's a reference to “Stop 4 Satan.” Just below there's more graffiti on a real estate sign. And neighbors think the vandals may have just run out of paint before trying to deface another car.

“We've gotten egged before behind our house, but never anything like this,” said Elkins.

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