Community foots the bill for fireworks display

It was a yearly tradition for the people of Bath and Rowan counties to come out and watch the fireworks at the lake. Because of budget cuts the show hasn't happened for the past five years. The Saturday, the lake will light up again.

The expense is astounding..

"Comes out to about 1,000 dollars a minute for a fireworks show like this," said Terri Alderman of the Morehead Tourism Commission.

That expense had lead the Morehead Tourism Commission to cancel the yearly fireworks show at Cave Run Lake.

"There were a lot of people every year that asked about having them at the lake again," said event organizer Steve Marcus.

Those huge crowds will be returning Saturday night. At least twenty-five local businesses have pitched in to help the Tourism Commission fund the show. Thanks to their donations and the hard work of volunteers, the dam will be full of people on both sides, eager to see the show.

The members of the tourism commission say they hope the show will go on next year, but that's something they're not going to worry about until July 5th.

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