Brown grass a problem across the bluegrass

Watering lawn
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While out and about this weekend you'll likely come into contact with the very unsightly problem of brown grass! Many people in the area are finding it's a reality this summer.

If you're trying to keep your lawn green and you begin to see some brown patches. Your first reaction may be set out the sprinkler. But not so fast!

"We've had a couple of very, very wet years which we're thrilled to have but there's a lot of fungal diseases. All of those moist, wet conditions favor the development of fungal diseases," explains Horticulturalist Jamie Dockery.

That's right, it's a fungus simply called brown patch. During hot and humid weather, this disease thrives. But the diagnosis for your sick grass is easy.

"In most cases they are not permanently devastating. You can simply let nature run it's course and they will generally recover. If not you'll have the opportunity to seed in the fall," says Dockery.

It should clear up as the drier summer weather kicks in. Only water in the morning to give the grass time to dry some during the day. And don't bother wasting money on fungicides.

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