Smoking Grill causes house fire in Lexington

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It was a happy reunion for a Lexington man and his dog this afternoon after escaping a house fire. Officials say it all started from a cooking accident.

It didn't take Lexington Firefighters long to respond to a house on Broadmoor Drive, or to put out a fire they say was started by a smoking grill.

"A majority of the fire damage was to the rear exterior wall, but also extended into the attic when we arrived," says Battalion Chief Brent Frizzell with the Lexington Fire Department.

Fire officials say it started from a smoker grill on the deck that the homeowner had been using.

"After going inside for possibly an hour, he heard a popping noise on the exterior," says Battalion Chief Brent Frizzell.

The homeowner did make it out as the home caught fire and was later reunited with his dog that escaped when firefighters arrived.

Still, officials say they're hoping others take note and precautions as they're outdoors grilling this holiday weekend.

"Try not to leave it unattended and if you're using a grill or a smoker such as this, try to get it up as safely as far away as possible from the structure itself," says Battalion Chief Brent Frizzell.

Fire officials say luckily there were no injuries in this fire.

Fire officials say in this case they are told the smoker grill was only a couple of inches from the home, which caused the home to catch fire so quickly.

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