Family mourns victim of weekend drowning

John Austin Davis' sister says she's shocked her 33-year-old brother is gone. It's even more stunning how he died, "he's a very strong swimmer, but accidents happen."

Jen Keefe says it was a family tradition and a favorite pastime to take the boat out on the Green River Lake in Taylor County "We started skiing almost before we could walk. Pretty much, we were skiing by the time we were five. The lake was really a big part of our growing up"

Davis died Saturday, only a short distance from the Taylor County Boat Dock. "He dove off the side of the boat like he's done a million times before," said Keefe. "He just didn't resurface."

Keefe says her brother was swimming with seven of his friends in 16 feet of water. She says the reality of his death is hard for family members to take, especially his 10-year-old son and 13-year-old.

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