Caller Tries To Rob Bank Over The Phone

State police are investigating an incident at the U.S. Bank on Chestnut Street in Berea.

Police tell 27NEWSFIRST a man with a foreign accent called the bank several times at around nine Friday morning.

Employees say he asked for several money grams to be sent to a location in Portugal. He also reportedly asked for a bag of money to be placed outside the bank.

The caller reportedly said the first uniformed officer that showed up at the bank would be blown up.

Bank employees did put the money in a bag outside the bank and then left the building. Police say no one ever came to pick up that cash.

Police searched the bank for much of the morning, looking for anything suspicious, but they did not find anything out of the ordinary.

This incident is similar to scams that have been going on at banks and stores across the country. Police think the Berea call is part of this larger international scam which has been successful in some places.

We'll have much more on this unusual robbery attempt, coming up on 27 NEWSFIRST at 5:00.

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