Mustard vapor leak detected at Blue Grass Army Depot

Crews at the Blue Grass Army Depot are working to contain some leaking Mustard vapor, detected during routine weekly monitoring.

Officials with Blue Grass Chemical Activity say workers detected trace amounts of Mustard vapor Tuesday morning inside one of the chemical agent storage structures, or "igloos" at the Madison County facility.

The igloo in question stores Mustard agent filled artillery shells.

Officials say toxic chemical workers at the Depot have begun the leaker isolation process.

Once the leaking munition has been found, officials say it will be overpacked into a leakproof container and moved to a separate igloo that houses overpacked Mustard leaking munitions.

Officials say during this process, that igloo is connected to a filter bank to make sure no vapors can escape into the outside atmosphere.

Blue Grass Chemical Activity officials say the leak does not pose any danger or risk to people living in Madison County or surrounding areas.

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