Woman accused of stealing $40,000 from organization that helps children

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A woman is accused of stealing money from an organization she was supposed to be helping.

Lexington Police arrested 39-year-old Mary Tincher Tuesday morning.

They say she stole $40,000 from the Child Development Centers of the Bluegrass.

Police say Tincher began stealing money from the organization within a month after she was hired last August and did so until May of this year.

The organization serves as a preschool for children with and without disabilities.

40 percent of the children at Child Development Centers have some type of special needs.

We're told Tincher was the financial manager, who was supposed to be keeping up with the organization's money.

Instead, police say Tincher was putting the money into her own account.

The theft has hit the organization hard.

"This is our bread and butter of course," Child Development Centers Executive Director Stella Crutcher said. "As with any non-profit we depend on public donations and support through volunteers and financial support to keep going, and to continue to provide the best we can for our children."

Tincher was let go from her position before her arrest.

The organization is now working with the Commonwealth Attorney's office and their private insurance carrier.

Tincher has been charged with theft by deception, over $10,000. She bonded out of jail on Tuesday shortly after her arrest.

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