Police: Suspect used hot weather to escape from cruiser

Police say a theft suspect being transported by a state trooper used the hot weather to make an escape.

The trooper was in the Clark County Jail's parking lot, when police say 20-year-old Michael Plank asked the trooper to roll down the window because he was hot.

That's when the escape happened.

Police say Plank was able to reach out the open window and open the door from the outside.

Police were questioning Plank because he's a suspect in a shoplifting case at the University Shell Mart in Richmond.

He also has another outstanding warrant in Fayette County for shoplifting.

Police started chasing after Plank after the escape, but he ran off.

Police searched the nearby Washington Square neighborhood for him, which made people who live there a little on edge.

"They (police) had to bring in a K-9 unit, looking in the yard and all around the house," Elizabeth Fischer, who witnessed the search, said.

Police say they're not sure if Plank is armed.

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