KSP begins summer crackdown on distracted drivers

The Kentucky State Police are cracking down on a number of offenses this summer but they say the one they are most concerned about is driving while texting.

The State Police had a show of support before heading out on the road to begin their summer of safety checkpoints.

They are handing out brochures emphasizing three main points for drivers to follow this summer.

Keeping your car road ready and traveling safely with all passengers buckled up along with checking for drunk drivers are part of the program.

They also hope to educate drivers about the dangers of inattentive driving. Through Labor Day the state police will conduct over 1,000 safety checkpoints across the state.

"Drivers who are texting while driving show the same habits as drunk drivers, swerving and exaggerated movements," said Lt. David Jude of the Kentucky State Police.

Until January 1st you will only receive a warning if you are caught texting while driving, after that the fines start.

Since the program began on June 1st, State Police have conducted 371 safety check points resulting in 176 DUI arrests.

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