Search for missing Scott Co. inmate expands to Tennessee

Nathan Pierce escaped from the Scott County Detention Center early Sunday morning. Scott County's jailer - Larry Covington - says Pierce was painting a door inside the kitchen, helping clean up the facility before more inmates moved back into the building, when he escaped. Covington says the supervisor watching over their work was speaking with another inmate at the time.

"He turned his head and he was gone," says Covington.

In the process of searching for Pierce, Covington found out he had a history of escape. He'd done it before in a jail in Tennessee, and if Scott County supervisors had known this when they booked Pierce, Covington says they would never have let him do work around the building unrestrained.

"We receive an inmate and all we know is what they're charged with, not what they've done in their past history."

Covington believes Pierce is either in Tennessee now, or will return there shortly. If you see him you're asked to Georgetown police.

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