Accused Robber Says Hold-Up Was A Mistake

Randy Rostron is a young man. He’s only 19 with a fiancé and he says he's got his whole life ahead of him. But now he says he'll likely spend the foreseeable future in jail.

He's accused of robbing Advance Auto Parts in Corbin Tuesday night and he admits it was a terrible mistake.

“Yeah I did it. I'm not going to deny it,” Rostron told WKYT’s Phil Pendleton from inside the Whitley County Jail Friday morning.

Rolston realizes he's in big trouble for what he calls a quick decision to get some cash.

“It was stupidity," he says.

Police say Rolston and Jeremy Forler, 26, held up the Corbin store and locked a few employees in a restroom.

“Oh we was hanging out. He kept saying, needing money, needing money, I didn't want him to go by himself,” says Rostron.

So he says they chose Advance Auto Parts to rob with loaded guns. A few employees were the only ones inside.

“We was just going to lay them down on the ground and take off. Neither of us meant anything by it. The guns were loaded by they weren't cocked.”

Police got a description of him and Forler but Rostron didn't think he would be caught. Now he says the direction of his life isn't right.

“(I) have to get right with the man upstairs, because evidently things aren't working with the way I want to do it.”

Police say they recovered some things from the robbery including weapons but they did not recover any cash.

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