Another possible sighting of bear that attacked hiker

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There's been another possible sighting of the bear wildlife officials say attacked a hiker.

There were at least two reports of bear sightings this afternoon, on Grand Avenue in Beattyville. That's in Lee County.

"I was looking out the front door and saw a black movement and I said 'Gosh! There's a bear,'" explained Richard Brown, who promptly called 9-1-1.

Brown says the bear was across the street walking on a clearing by his mailbox.

"I think he's making a home over there because several days have passed and there's many places for him to hide. We've got plenty of blackberries, too."

Fish and Wildlife Officials are staging their search just a few doors down from Brown's Grand Avenue home at the Kentucky River Care Center.

Wildlife officials aren't yet sure if this is the black bear they've been looking for.

That bear attacked a hiker more than a week ago in the Red River Gorge.

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