Murder Victim's Brother Speaks

A 9-year-old son found his mother and grandmother shot to death in their Rineyville home earlier this week.

As police look for the killer the brother of one of the victim's speaks out.
The last few days have been more than hard on this family. Not only are family members forced to deal with the murders, but they are trying their best to comfort the three children who may be key witnesses in this crime.

Tracy Burke's brother, Dave Wilburn, is a U.S. Marshal who says he wants justice in the case.

Wilburn says his family is still coming to terms with her death. On Tuesday police received a disturbing call from Burke's 9-year-old son.

Wilburn says, " the children are very strong..doing very well."

That despite finding their mother and grandmother Karen Comer shot death.

"No one prepares for anything like this..being in law enforcement you never think this can happen to you and your family," said Wilburn.

Police have released few details about the murders, nor do they have any suspects. They say they've interviewed Burke's estranged husband for hours Thursday and confiscated his van Friday.

Kentucky State Police towed the car to the crime lab in Fankfort for processing, but police insist he's not a suspect.

Police say they do know the murders came the week Burke filed for divorce.

Kentucky State Police say the case will likely go to a grand jury before any arrest are made. The three children are now staying with family members in a undisclosed location.

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