Children keeping cool at summer camp despite hot temperatures

People across Kentucky are feeling the heat Wednesday, as temperatures are rising into the 90's once again.

Those who have to be outside are being creative with finding ways to keep cool.

Camp directors at Camp Kearney at Jacobson Park in Lexington are doing what they can to keep the children there cool.

They're watching the children closely for signs of heat related illness, taking lots of breaks in the shade, and making sure the children drink lots of water during the day.

"The kids get to play in the water. They get to do slip and slide and this fun water melon crawl where they push the melon up the hill. And then they get to play ping pong and that kind of thing. This afternoon they get to go to the pool," says Assistant Camp Director Kayla McFarland.

With all of the fun in the water, these children don't mind the heat.

"My personal favorite part of camp is the super soaker wars that we have. Every Wednesday we just get these huge water guns and we can squirt each other," says camp attendee Tyler Gorman.

Paige Butcher says her favorite part about camp is the slip and slide. "When ever you go down it goes really fast and whenever it's hot outside you can just cool down."

"We play in the water instead of being bored in the heat all day. Camp Kearney is the best camp I've every been to," says Zack Morris who attend the camp.

They're also providing sunscreen for the children. Officials with the health department recommend anyone spending lots of time outside in the heat drink plenty of water and take many breaks.

Doctors say children and the elderly are most susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

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