Police Arrest Phony Physician

Police arrest a woman who's accused of posing as a surgical resident for months at the Georgetown Community Hospital.

Hospital workers say the woman told them she had graduated from the University of Louisville and wanted to help out at the hospital.
Although she was never on staff, workers say she did have interactions with patients.

Tracy Lynn White, 27, of Richmond, is charged with practicing medicine without a license.
Georgetown police detectives said White did not perform any surgeries, but did give medical advice to patients and even sat in on one surgery.

Visitors at the hospital can't understand how someone without medical training could walk the halls of the hospital.
The CEO of Georgetown Community Hospital tells 27 NEWSFIRST that all residents much go through the administration process to work at the hospital.

In White's case, the CEO says she befriended a surgeon while she was a patient at the hospital.
The surgeon took White's claim at face value and did not pass any proper paper work on to hospital officials.

Police say there is a good chance White may have fooled others.
Police are asking anyone who may have received advice from the Richmond woman to give them a call.

Police say White has no formal medical training and only has a high school diploma.

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