Bear sighting prompts overnight stakeout

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Fish and Wildlife officials were staked out overnight and into the morning in search of a bear spotted Tuesday afternoon. The most recent bear sighting was in Lee County on Grand Avenue behind the Kentucky River Community Care Center.

Arnold Moore, a maintenance worker at the center, spotted the bear in Lee County last week and saw the tracks he left behind.

"I got here to the back and it was plain prints bigger than my hand, and I haven't ever seen anything like that, and I knew it was a bear," says Moore.

Ever since his encounter, Moore says he's been on alert. Even during our interview, he was alarmed by a sound.

"Did you hear that? asked Moore. "Something is breaking the bushes."

The bear wasn't spotted again Wednesday, but Moore says he's seen it for himself.

"He wasn't aggressive; he didn't charge," says Moore.

Spotted again Tuesday afternoon, state officials continue to track the bear that they believe attacked a hiker at the Red River Gorge last week.

Though the bear is still on the loose, authorities say they feel comfortable that the bear is cornered.

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