Fire victim talks about escaping Williamsburg fire

Hope Grubb is still looking for her pets, thinking that possibly several of them survived the fire that she realizes she could have died in.

“I can’t get…..I gotta get my babies! Got to get my dogs!”

That was part of the frantic call Grubb made to 911 when her second floor apartment was on fire Monday on N. 6th Street in Williamsburg, and her beloved dogs and cats were nowhere to be found. Her fear then…has now turned to anger.

“I’m really mad about it. Whoever done it almost cost me my life. Apparently killed my animals, all but one dog and cat,” said Grubb.

Police say they know the fire was intentional because they found two points of origin.

Grubb named at least 6 pets that either died, or can’t be located.

“It breaks my heart. I haven’t slept but maybe an hour since the fire. I have nightmares since I was trapped in the fire,” said Grubb.

Police haven’t named any suspects or persons of interest in the case. But whoever is to blame could face more serious charges because people were hurt.

“But yes, there are different charges that these facts can fit into, be up to them which one will be levied,” said KSP Trooper Don Trosper.

Police say a grand jury could decide which charges the person or persons will face.

Grubb suffered injuries to her hand and stomach in the fire, and her neighbor, Linda Bock, was sent to to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, where she was upgraded to stable condition.

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