Police don't suspect foul play in death of former pastor

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An autopsy is being performed Thursday on a former pastor found dead inside his Anderson County home.

Preliminary autopsy results are in, and state police now say they do not suspect foul play caused the death of 53-year-old Richard Shamas.

Shamas was found dead by his wife early Wednesday morning on Denney Drive near Lawrenceburg.

Late Wednesday night, police said the death could have been accidental.

Earlier that day, police were calling it a homicide.

Investigators are now calling it a death investigation.

"This is not a case where someone was strange and got into the home if that's the case. In those cases you have forced entry and those kinds of signs and we found no signs here," Kentucky State Police trooper Ron Turley said.

Police say they are still awaiting toxicology results to determine cause of death, but homicide has been ruled out. Police aren't releasing too many details of the ase at this time, because the investigation is still ongoing.

Neighbors say Shamas had recently had surgery and was battling pain.

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