Paul, Conway spar in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand
Paul says he would be willing to wage a filibuster to prod other
senators into considering a balanced budget amendment.

Paul made the remarks Thursday during his first faceoff with
Democratic opponent Jack Conway.

The libertarian-leaning Paul told a crowd of county officials
that he would be willing to hold up Senate proceedings, if
necessary, to be heard on the issue of balancing the federal

Paul didn't offer specifics on cutting the federal deficit, but
said every federal program needs to be scrutinized.

Conway warned that Paul's opposition to earmarks would hurt
local communities across Kentucky. Conway also slammed Paul for
earlier comments that seemed to defend BP after the massive Gulf of
Mexico oil spill. Paul responded that BP is responsible for the
spill and should pay for the cleanup.

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