Man charged with eight murders; family members speak out

A man charged with eight cold case murders says he's not guilty.

39-year-old Ricky Kelly was arraigned in Louisville Thursday morning.

Now, the family of one of his alleged victims is speaking out.

July 24, 1996, 20 year-old Devon Cole was shot in the back with a shotgun in his own bedroom.

His murder remained unsolved for 14 years.

"it's been pure hell. Not knowing who did it or why," says Darlene McNealy. "I never gave up hope. I knew one of these days that they would find out who did it."

Now that hope has become reality.

Ricky Kelly has been indicted for Cole's murder, and 7 others.

The slayings dating back to the mid 90's.

"I'm really kind of excited and kind of sad and not understanding what kind of person can take eight people's lives away from them," says McNealy.

Kelly's other murders include a woman shot execution style in her car, and others who were witnesses in a high-profile murder case and a gang-related case.

Police are looking to whether Kelly was involved in other unsolved cases as well.

"I think Ricky Kelly is a miserable person. He evidently has no remorse for what he does. If he truly killed that many people, I feel really sorry for him, I really do," says McNealy.

Louisville police say the eight murder cases are all ongoing investigations, and anyone with information should contact authorities.

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