Arson suspected in fire that destroyed family's home

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Dora Pinson and her family spent their Sunday afternoon sifting through what was left after a fire destroyed their home the day before.

"For someone to just burn your stuff up, it takes a very cold person to do something like that," said Pinson.

Arson investigators are looking in to how the fire started around 11 a.m. Saturday.

The Pinson's were not staying at their home on Upper Creek Road in the Bowen Community.

They say they'd been renovating, but slowly, because the two are disabled.

"It's been empty for 2 or 3 weeks," said Pinson, "there were no utilities hooked up to the house."

Despite the fact they weren't staying there, a lot of dishes, some furniture,clothing and tv's that were still in the home were destroyed.

They say several kittens also died in the fire.

The family has no insurance, and what's worse, Pinson says she is ill, and she'll never recover from this.

"I'm terminal, it's too late for me to start over," said Pinson, "I just don't got that chance to start over and build my life again - what I had was my life and that's all I had."

She hopes whoever is responsible will be caught.

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