Showcase of cars to benefit Kentucky Children's Hospital

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It's a chance to see some cool cars and help some of the state's most vunerable citizens.

The Keeneland Concours d'Elegance showcases elegant vintage cars.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Kentucky Children's Hospital.

Little Reed Elliotte's had quite the fight in his first months of life.

Complications during labor caused kidney damage, and since April, he's been at the Kentucky Children's NICU.

"They've made a horrifying experience much more tolerable because of their compassion. They've truly saved our baby's life and save our sanity at the same time," says Larietta Elliotte, Reed's mother.

The Elliotte's and countless others share the same story, their children nursed to health by the staff.

Proceeds from the program, provide research funds and equipment used to help these babies thrive.

Erin Veatch, a NICU Nurse says, "we're constantly doing research just so we can find the latest meds and techniques to get them where they need to be."

The Keeneland Concours is set for July 15- 18 at Keeneland.

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