Derek Capozzi talks about his escape and how he got free

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Derek Capozzi is now in the Lexington Federal Medical Center. He says he's being held in a federal medical facility because of a hole in his heart but says he is not getting the treatment he needs for his condition.

Capozzi says he knows why he's not getting treatment and it has to do with his escape attempt in April, when he allegedly broke out of a transfer van in Woodford County.

During a phone interview Capozzi says, "When they come to take me out of my cell, they have to bring three guards plus a Lieutenant and they have to use all kinds of extra security measures, put chains on me just to bring me down the hallway."

Capozzi says it was the same heart condition that gave him reason to try and break out of the van.

"I'm going to die in prison or I can die out in the streets. I have a better chance getting out there and maybe assuming a new identity an taking care of my issues out there, then I do sitting in prison waiting to die," says Capozzi.

He says escaping out of the van was nothing he planned ahead of time, He says the opportunity was there and he acted alone when escaped out of the van's back door.

"It was just loose bolts and screws, that happens over a period of time, but the thing is... you can't blame an officer, that's driving the van who is doing his work or doing his job," he says.

Capozzi also shared with us how he was able to shed his arm and leg restraints after leaving the van.

"It's just something you learn in prison over the years," he says.

He also talked about what he was thinking when he was finally caught by two men from Versailles, three days after escaping from the van.

"At that moment there I knew that if I got up I was not going to be able to outrun any bullets. I was going to get shot," Capozzi says.

Capozzi says he's served 12 years of a 53 year federal sentence and if convicted on escape charges could add years to his prison sentence.

"Do you regret the decision?" I asked.
"Um... I'm not sure... I can't say I regret it, no. No, I don't regret it," Capozzi answered.

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