27 NEWSFIRST learns new details of a jail escape

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As the search continues for a man police say escaped from jail more than a week ago, we're learning more about how investigators think it happened.

Nathan Pierce hasn't been seen since last Sunday, when police say he left the Scott County Detention Center, while doing some work outside the building.

This incident could lead to some big changes into how much trust jail officials give inmates.

Nathan Pierce made his break for freedom this Independence Day.

According to the incident report, Pierce who had become a trustee, an inmate allowed to participate in work release programs, was painting a kitchen door that leads to the outside the facility.

The Deputy Jailer watching him had walked inside that door when another inmate, James Gray, also a trustee began to talk to him about another job. That's when Pierce, who was outside, took off.

One recommendation listed in the report is reassessing who becomes a trustee. Pierce was being held on several charges including robbery, unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping, and Gray, is accused of a double murder, though jail officials tell us Gray has given them no trouble.

Pierce was last seen in a orange jail jump suit, but since the escape, recommendations listed in the report also suggest reassessing whether inmates should be allowed to wear normal clothing underneath those jumpsuits.

Another recommendation is using leg shackles for any inmates assigned to outside work details.

Authorities continue to stress Pierce should be considered dangerous.

Jailer Larry Covington has said police are working with law enforcement in Tennessee, where Pierce is from as well as some other possible out-of-state connections.

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