UPDATED: Woman accused of stealing more than $115,000 from church

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A grand jury has indicted a former church employee accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the church.

39-year-old Marcie King, of Lexington, has been indicted on eight counts of theft.

Her arrest report claims King stole more than $115,000, while employed at Southern Hills United Methodist Church in Lexington, between 2006 and 2009.

The citation says King also redirected state assistance funds, money that helped pay for special needs childcare, into a bank card, then used the money for personal and business purchases.

Police say King, who worked as the director for the Church's Early Childhood Development Program treated her job as her personal Bank.

Sherelle Roberts with the Lexington Police says, "From bariatric weight loss programs, to perfume, vacations, trips, and hotels, basically lots of things for herself including writing personal checks to herself."

Police say the money was paid by parents so their children could attend the church's daycare.

Roberts says, "In addition to tuition, parents would pay fees, say $70 for pizza parties and trips and things of that nature."

Of the money paid by the parents, and given to the Church by the State, police say $115,083.86 was stolen by King.

Roberts says, "Instead of purchasing activities for the kids she was purchasing activities for herself."

Police say she was able to continue the scam for so long because she was the person in charge of checking the finances.

Roberts says it wasn't until after King was fired and replaced did the church even discover the missing money.

We tried to call King and spoke with her husband, who claims to have no knowledge of the arrest or the indictment.

According to the citation, King turned herself into police and has since posted bond.

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