Tenant's pit bull attacks landlord

Teresa Shely owns a rental home in Danville. Last week the tenant she was evicting - Cassandra Spiker - complained about a water leak. So she went in the backyard to repair the damage.

"I heard a chain, like a chain rattle. And I stood up, looked up, and I saw this dog coming at me," says Shely.

Spiker's pet pit bull was tied to a tree in the backyard and jumped at Shely. Shely says the pit bull bit through her skin, to the bone of her leg. She's positive Spiker had the dog attack her on purpose, angry after being evicted. Police can't prove it and won't press charges, but say Animal Control might.

"Unless we can prove that she did this on purpose, did the setting up thing, it's gonna be through Animal Control where they're charging her with harboring a vicious animal," says Captain James Monroe with Danville Police.

The pit bull is quarantined at the Danville Animal Shelter. Police say it's unlikely Spiker will get the dog back.

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