Car slams into apartment building

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To call it a shock is an understatement. A woman comes downstairs to discover a car in her kitchen.

The driver lost control on Alexandria Drive, sending his car flying into the front of an apartment building.

A woman living in the apartment says she didn't know what was happening this morning, then she came outside to see a car crashed into the front of her apartment building. A good deal of damage is left behind, and quite a mess is in the front yard.

"I see all kinds of stuff on the hallway floor," says Kinisha Rouse, who lives in the apartment building with her two young children.

She says her four-year-old son came to get her early Wednesday morning, after he heard a loud crash.

She made her way out to the front of the apartment building on Alexandria Drive, where she saw what had happened.

"When I come downstairs, my neighbor and this man over here are screaming my name, so I come outside and I see a car, in my kitchen!" Rouse says.

Police say the driver lost control, and even tore through a street light post, which crews already are replacing.

He was injured after finally crashing into the brick building. The accident left Rouse imagining the worst.

"I didn't know what to think at first. Really, I didn't. When I came out I thought the dude in the car was dead," she says.

The man was taken to UK hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Just a couple of hours after the accident, people were here helping board up the windows and clean up some of the mess.

Rouse says she, her four-year-old son, and her five-month-old newborn will be able to stay with her mom, until she can move back or find another place.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control and crash. Police say the standard blood tests were taken, to see if alcohol or drugs were a factor.

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