Area Salvation Army has less than a weeks worth of food left

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Volunteers at the Salvation Army say they might be forced to turn hungry people away if they don't start getting donations.

For 32 years Carolyn Cobb has been serving people in one way or another.

During her time as a volunteer at the Nicholasville Salvation Army she says she's never seen a lack of food.

"It's very heartbreaking for me to see these shelves so bare," Cobb says.

Crystal McCoy came by the Salvation Army Wednesday in need of assistance.

McCoy says she just moved to Jessamine County from Tennessee, moving into a mold infested apartment, putting her son at risk.

"My four year old son has breathing problems and he can't stay there," Says McCoy.

People in tough situations like McCoy rely on the Salvation Army to ease the burden of finding a meal.

Volunteers say the tough economic times are like a double edged sword.

There are more mouths to feed and less food to feed them.

Volunteers says they are especially low in foods like peanut butter, crackers, spaghetti, tomato sauce and canned fruits and vegetables.

If you would like to help, Cobb says you can bring food directly to the Salvation Army at 205 South First Street in Nicholasville.

You can also contact the volunteers by calling (859)881-4241.

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