City to repair neighborhood sinkhole

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Thursday update:

The city of Lexington will be taking care of the repair of the sinkhole on Trailwood Lane.

Workers with the Streets and Roads Department expect to do some prep work Friday. On Monday they will remove the sidewalk, excavate and fill the hold back in.

City inspectors say it is not uncommon for something like this to happen. They say there is a lot of soft rock in that neighborhood. The heavy rain we saw in May, followed by the dry period, may have caused the sinkhole to appear.


A sinkhole has folks in one Lexington neighborhood on edge.

It's outside a home on Trailwood Lane, that's off Alexandria Drive.

To make sure no one falls in to this sinkhole, there is a safety fence surrounding it, and it goes down about six feet.

Concerned neighbors have a lot of questions, and concerns that more sinkholes will pop up.

"I wonder is this going to happen to my property too," says Alisha Lewhew, who's house is near sink hole.

The home owner association president has been doing his best to give answers and advice.

"Our top priority is safety," says Luke Nentzer.

The neighborhood is less than ten years old, some who have not lived here long, are worried about safety.

City officials have told 27 NEWSFIRST they are sending an inspector to the sinkhole to determine who is responsible for repairing the damage the sink hole has done.

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