How Amanda's Law will help many across Kentucky

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Amanda's Law is designed to help domestic violence victims.

"With the implementation of the law it provides a new set of choices and options," says Darlene Thomas.

Choices and options that allow a judge to order a GPS tracking device for those that violate the domestic protective orders.

"I think people need to realize a GPS cannot be ordered until there is a violation," says Thomas.

Advocates at domestic violence shelters say they are getting to know the law, so they can help their victims.

"We want victims to understand and not think Housebill 1 has changed everything and is accessible," says Thomas.

As the Executive Director of the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program, Thomas says the law is a good first step.

"I think it's good that as a community and a state, we're looking outside the box to give an extra layer of protection to victims," says Thomas.

But she says the law may not be fool proof.

"We're excited about the potential, but if there's something we need to correct we go back to our legislatures," says Thomas.

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