Man wanted after Kmart crime spree

Versailles Police say the Woodford County Kmart was the second store hit in a string of burglaries Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Police say the crime spree started when a young man broke into a Kmart in Edgewood. They say the alarm went off and he didn't get away with any goods. A little before 3:00 a.m. the man broke into the Versailles Kmart through the Garden Shop. Police say that's when he went directly to the high-end jewelry case.

He broke into the cases using a metal rod and stole the most expensive pieces in the story. Versailles Police still aren't sure the total value of the jewelry he stole. It only took him two minutes to get in and out of the store, leading police to believe he was very familiar with Kmarts.

" I would think it would have to be a former employee to know where to go, how to go and he went very specifically for certain items. And it's either someone who's worked for them or is really casing Kmart stores," says Officer Pat Melton with Versailles Police Department.

Police say the man also broke into a store in Louisville but the alarm went off and the lights came on and he got away with nothing.

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