Vandals Target Laurel County School, Post Office

Police think some kids were probably behind the late night mischief of spray painting mayhem.

However, East Bernstadt Principal Jim Meding says while the paint job may just be a juvenile prank, the message of hate they left isn't easy to swallow.

“It was just some curse, coarse language used, nothing directed towards individuals, but just derogatory comments made about our school,” said Meding Tuesday morning.

So Meding and others took to the cans of "Goof Off" cleaner to erase the messages left not just on both school buses, but on an outbuilding, the pre-school classrooms, even the sign out front.

And, just down the road, the post office was also defaced. Police suspect kids out late at night, up to no good.

“There was a survey of the grounds, for materials that might have been used during the vandalism. Nothing was found. They had some leads on people that maybe were in the area,” said Meding.

Most of the graffiti was cleaned up by late Tuesday morning.

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