Vandals Leave Hate Messages At A Laurel County School

It was a shocking discovery for people at a Southern Kentucky school this morning.

In Laurel County someone spray painted graffiti all over buses, buildings, even the nearby post office was hit.

It's a can of cleaning solution normally used to clean up messes caused by preschoolers, but today, it found a new use.

Jim Meding was busy cleaning up graffiti this morning, on buses, buildings, even on the sign in front of the board office.

The East Bernstadt principal said it was quite a mess, and the message of hate left here was even more troubling.

But the vandals didn't stop there. Down the road at the post office, the post master found letters, symbols, and other unusual markings.

The good news is much of the graffiti quickly came off thanks to the cleaning power found in this can of "Goof Off."

Now school officials and police just hope they find the goofs who did this.

Meding says the school is well lit, so he thinks the vandalism happened very late at night.

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