Police looking for man committing thefts at gyms in Lexington

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He's caught on tape, and now police are looking for a man targeting people working out. Lexington Police are hoping you can help tell them who is stealing from people at gyms in the area.

Months ago we told you about thefts going on at some gyms in Lexington. Police say it's now happening again.

Back in early March Lexington Police began investigating gym thefts involving two men, who they believed were breaking into lockers.

On may 10th, the thefts started happening again. However, this time they say they have someone new committing these crimes. They say in the last two months they've had at least six cases at the Y's around town, where they say the man is breaking into gym lockers and even cars.

"It appears to be the same suspect. A man in his 20's or early 30's. The way he's getting into the lockers is he's entering the gym with a gym bag, which we are assuming he has some type of bolt cutters in the bag when he enters the locker room," says Detective Eric Hobson with Lexington Police.

They say the man acts like he is scanning a card and somehow makes his way past gym employees, but police say he's not scanning a membership card.

The man is later caught on camera at a Lexington Walmart using some stolen credit cards. Police say he's not only taking credit cards and wallets from the lockers either.

"He's actually taking the keys from the lockers and going out to the parking lots with the cars and uses the key fob to figure out which car the keys belong to and steals inside the vehicles as well," says Detective Eric Hobson.

Police are hoping you know who the man is that they say is responsible.They say this has also happened at other gyms recently as well, and they believe the same man is involved.

If you have any information on this, please call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020. The call is anonymous and you can receive a cash reward if information you give leads to an arrest in this case.

Lexington Police say at this time it appears this man may be working alone, and that this does not appear to be connected to the gym thefts they began working back in March.

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