Deputy jailer arrested, accused of bribery

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Accused of accepting bribes for favors he couldn't deliver, State Police arrest a deputy jailer today in a sting.

Police say the Powell County official told an inmate's wife he'd help get him out of jail--for a price.

"I don't think i've had another problem with this guy," says the Chief Deputy at the Powell County Jail, John Tharpe.

"I was totally shocked. This was the first I'd heard of anything about that."

State police say they got a tip Monday from a woman who's husband is an inmate at the Powell County Jail.

She told them Casey offered to help get her husband a shorter sentence or shock probation--if she turned over some cash.

She agreed to meet Casey at the Dairy Queen in Clay City Friday morning, and then police showed up a short while later to arrest the deputy jailer.

Investigators questioned Casey throughout much of the day, before he was taken off in handcuffs.

Chief Deputy Tharpe says the situation is frustrating because it puts a burden on getting the every day issues resolved.

"You can't deal with the regular problems, for dealing with this other stuff."

Officials at the Powell County Jail say with the charges against Casey, he is released from his job.

State Police charged Casey with official misconduct.

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