Hundreds of adult DVDs stolen from store

Hundreds of DVDs, worth thousands of dollars, all stolen from a Lexington store.

The heist happened at JC Video, on Lane Allen road.

These DVDs aren't your regular variety movies. The content was adult in nature.

John Curry, the owner of JC Video, is frustrated. Twice in three days last week, his store was a crime scene.

"There are always people who are takers. They just take and take," Curry said.

Curry says someone broke in, stealing 1,400 adult DVDs last week. Curry says his loss was $13,000.

But he says around 400 DVDs were returned with a note.

"We just found them in the woods. We didn't steal them," Curry said as he described what was on the note.

Curry doesn't think he'll see the thousand or so DVDs that are still missing.

"They were boxed up, wrapped up, ready to be sold," Curry said.

Curry says just as things were getting back to normal, a brick through the window made his video store a crime scene again.

"That occurred two days later," Curry said.

Luckily for Curry, he says the brick only broke one of the double paned windows.

Despite the recent trouble, Curry says he has no plans to take his business anywhere else.

He says he'll stay at his current location as long as the customers want him there.

Curry says he's improved the security around the store in hopes this won't happen again.

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