Tapes released on former EKU student's deadly beating

Taped interviews recently released about the deadly beating outside Barbara Lee's Kitchen give Bryan Stevenson's family a better idea of what happened last Memorial Day Weekend. Stevenson was a recent EKU grad and former baseball player. He died in May, beaten to death in a brawl outside Barbara Lee's Kitchen in Louisville. One witness told police the fight started with spit.

"He said one thing led to another, a guy spit in Justin (Werner's) face. Dave (Pryor) then turned around and said, 'hey, you ain't gonna spit on my boy like that,' says a witness.

Four men are charged with Stevenson's death: Donald Hays, David Pryor, Justin Werner and William Schindler. One of the witnesses said the spitting led to punching, and that's when Bryan Stevenson ran outside to defend his friend.

Donald Hays is one of the four charged. He described to police what he saw happen to Stevenson.

"Then I saw Justin tackle that dude that died, Bryan, into the bushes," says suspect Donald Hays.

"So I snatched Justin up, and when I pulled him up, that dude in the white ran behind me, and Justin started kicking that dude in the head."

Another witness, one of Stevenson's friends, said three people surrounded him and beat him.

"My buddy was done for. He was laying on the ground and the dude was just pounding him," said a Stevenson friend.

All four men are charged with murder and assault.

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