Disturbing Details Released In Baby Abuse Case

He says the baby was blue and barely breathing when little Braden Childers' mother rushed him to the hospital.

Wednesday, for the first time, police talked about what happened in that emergency room when doctors found a wipe stuffed down the baby's throat and why police charged his mother, Shauna Childers, and her boyfriend, Jonathan Crum, with a crime.

Among the shocking details brought out in court was that Crum only knew little Braden Childers for days before the alleged abuse. He only dated Shauna Childers a few times before moving in. That's one of the reasons police say they were quick to charge Childers. They claim she was reckless when she left her son alone with Crum, who they claim Childers knew posed a threat.

Crum and Childers sat at the same table in a Johnson County courtroom but with different accounts of the morning of September 7th That's the day 8-month-old Braden Childers was rushed to the hospital, barely breathing.

In testimony on Wednesday, Detective James Goble recounted what both suspects told him after baby wipes were found in Braden's throat...

"She heard Mr. Crum yelling at her to come help, the child is choking. When she ran to porch, she saw Jonathan Crum had fingers down baby's mouth and child was bleeding from mouth, She said child had blue lips and face," Goble testified in court.

Childers says they pulled a baby wipe out of Braden's mouth then she took the baby to the hospital. She told Detective Goble that Crum didn't go with her because he was intoxicated.

Goble says the doctor working to save Braden told his mother there's no way the baby could have swallowed the wipes on his own.

"He made statement to Childers that there is no way possible for this child to have placed this wipe in throat, let alone two at that time. She said to me that Jonathan Crum had tried to kill her child," Goble testified.

Goble also said on the stand that Childers told him Crum had covered the baby's mouth and nose on two previous incidents. She says Crum was trying to get Braden to stop crying. Police say those two incidents should have been a red flag for the baby's mother, but they claim Childers didn't make Crum move out.

The case has been handed over to the Johnson County grand jury which meets again in October.

Braden is listed in fair condition at Kentucky Children's Hospital in Lexington.