Bogus work release allows inmate's escape

DJ Hollon
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The search is on for a jail escapee who didn't come back from work release. The Montgomery County jailer says DJ Hollon didn't return to the jail Friday night after work if he even went to work at all. The man for whom Hollon was supposed to be working tells 27 NEWSFIRST he's never heard of him.
Jail officials say Hollon had been checking in and out on a regular basis as part of a work release program, but it turns out the job he was supposed to be doing never existed.
When Stuart Caudill got a call just before midnight Friday from the Montgomery County Jail, he knew something was odd. "They told me that this guy was out on work release," Caudill said, "supposed to be working for my company, was due back in the jail at 10:00pm."
They told him Hollon called about 9:45 to say he was running late, so they had been trying to contact Caudill, but Caudill explained, there was one problem with that. "I told them I hadn't heard of the guy, didn't know him, he didn't work for my company," Caudill said.
Surprised jail officials insisted they had court documents clearly showing that Hollon worked for Caudill at B & C Builders.
"I've never heard of B&C Builders," Caudill told them, "I do own a construction company, but it's not B&C Builders."
Jail officials tell 27 Newsfirst it isn't their responsibility to monitor inmates on work release programs or verify their orders. They say that falls to the courts. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department tells us a judge signed off on Hollon's work order. 27 Newsfirst tried to contact that judge, but he was unavailable for comment.
If you have any information on the whereabouts of DJ Hollon, call state police.