Flash flooding sweeps through Kentucky

The flood waters started to recede Tuesday morning, hours after flash flooding swept through parts of northeastern Kentucky.

Rescue workers stayed busy in Rowan County.

A 27 NEWSFIRST photographer even got stuck driving along Cranston Road and was forced to wait on the hood of a car while the waters receded.

Overnight, the flood waters rose quickly in the Buckner Branch community of Rowan County.

Many people living in that area say this was the first time it's been so bad there.

"I've lived here 50 years and I've never seen water like that here," flooding victim Katie Plank said.

Plank spent Wednesday morning cleaning out her garage that flooded.

Fortunately, the flood waters stopped at her porch and did not get in.

Other people were not so lucky.

"The water just kept rising rapidly from the first step onto the next step," Jeremy Madden, who had to be rescued from the flood waters, said. "Finally, I just said it's just going to get into the house."

Madden and his brother and his dog were trapped in the home at one point.

Rescue crews had to help them to safety.

At one point, he wasn't sure they would make it.

"I thought I was going to die. I ain't kidding," Madden said. "And my brother was freaking out too. He said, 'I guess we're all going to float on.'"

Crews in Rowan County say things are starting to get back to normal there, since the water has receded.

Carter, Elliott, Lewis, Mason, and Rowan counties have declared states of emergency because of the flooding, along with the cities of Olive Hill and Maysville.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet reports the following roads were closed as of 4:30 Wednesday afternoon:

Mason County – US 62 at Murphysville, KY 1234 at Orangeburg

Fleming County – KY 57 at Fleming-Lewis county line (until further notice), KY 3303 between KY 32 and KY 1013

Lewis County – KY 984 near Fearisville, KY 57 at the Fleming-Lewis county line (until further notice), KY 59 at Old Trace Road (until further notice)

Carter County – KY 986 at mile marker 2 between Grahn and Olive Hill (one lane traffic), KY 773 at mile marker 7 (one lane traffic)

Greenup County – KY 784 at mile marker 8-9 (Shaws Branch near Kehoe), KY 7 at mile marker 10-11 (Beechy Creek/KY 10)

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