Roof collapse at business blamed on heavy rain

Lexington firefighters believe the heavy rain Wednesday morning likely caused the roof to collapse at a business.

Skain Avenue, where the building sits, and Indiana Avenue are both blocked off because of the collapse.

The building houses Radio Electronic Equipment.

At one point Wednesday, water was pouring into the building.

Firefighters think a large amount of standing water on the roof led to the collapse.

The building has now been deemed structurally unsound.

It's also causing concern for nearby businesses and residents.

"Certain homes here back up to the building, so we're getting into individual yards and taping off the potential collapse zone," Lexington Fire Department Battalion Chief Marshall Griggs said.

We're told the collapse also caused a break in some of the utility lines.

Crews from Kentucky American Water and Columbia Gas are on the scene to assist.

Firefighters are asking everyone to stay away from the area, because they believe it's possible the entire building could collapse.

Code enforcement and building inspectors will determine what should be done next with the building.

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