Churches team up to help flood victims

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Residents in Pike County continue to clean up from last weekend's flooding. Saturday evening in just a few hours up to seven inches of rain fell. The hardest hit areas were between Raccoon and Phyllis, east of Pikeville.

Some residents lost everything as entire homes were swept down the creek. Two people died. Now a Richmond church is lending a hand to help flood victims rebuild.

Miranda Colley, now living in the Lexington area, is from Pikeville and has friends and family who watched everything they worked for, wash away.

"A lot of the homes that have been washed away, they don't even know where they are. So they're just staying in shelters and stuff with nothing," says Colley.

She reached out to her church and employer to start collecting cleaning supplies, food, water, and other necessities. And the response has been overwhelming.

"It just really warms my heart to know that anytime there's a disaster like this that people are willing to step up and do what they can. I know that the economy is tough and everything and everyone's having a hard time making ends meet but it's good to know that they're willing to go ahead and spend a little extra money to just help someone who doesn't have anything right now," says Colley.

Once all of the supplies are collected, trained emergency responders will be loading up their vehicles and heading to Pike County to help.

"Our association has a disaster relief team that are trained through the KY Baptist Convention to go and mobilize and go out to disaster areas," says Hamp Valentine, of the Tates Creek Baptist Association.

"I know that we could maybe not help everybody but we could help a lot of people there," says Colley.

Unity Baptist Church in Richmond is collecting supplies for the Pike County flood victims. Donations can dropped off at the church and must be received by this Friday. The relief team will be going to the affected area on Saturday.

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