Police in Whitley Co. say "dangerous" man is now off the streets

Jerry Fuston is in the hospital tonight after police say they had to fire a rubber bullet at him..when he wouldn’t surrender.

“They challenged him, ordered him to comply. He refused to comply, in which time the Special Response Team deployed “less lethal weapons” on the suspect,” said Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird.

That state police special response team had cornered Fuston near his Kenny Bug Rd. home. right on the Kentucky-Tennessee state line, after the 60 year old man had been on the run for almost two weeks.

“Every time we have been here we’ve had to take numerous weapons out of the home,” said Bird.

Police say they considered Fuston armed and dangerous because when they went to serve a warrant on him last week and he slipped away, they found more than a dozen long guns and hand guns, many of which were loaded.

And during a search of his house today, they say they found more evidence of illegal activity. Owning guns puts him with more serious charges because police say he is already a convicted felon.

“He was found to be in possession of a large amount of cash, numerous drugs, he had a loaded weapon in his waistband,” said Bird.

Some neighbors say they never thought Fuston to be a threat, but some described the road he lives on to be a “grand central station” of sorts of drug buys.

“I’ve been here in the past, driving through here, seeing drug transactions on the side of the road,” said Bird.

Fuston is now at UK Hospital. Police say because of the amount of guns they found, federal charges could be added.

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