Lexington apartments flood; some tenants temporarily move

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In Lexington, this morning's rain has forced several people living in an apartment complex out of their homes. Some of the people who live at the Parkway Apartments off Centre Parkway are having to stay in hotels tonight.

It was a sight some tenants of the Parkway Apartments won't soon forget..

"The water was really high," says Laura Baker, whose apartment was flooded.

However, they say that wasn't the worst of it!

"It was all sewage water. It was dark and dirty," says Stephanie Cook, who lives at the apartment complex.

As the rain began to fall residents say the water quickly started rising. In a matter of minutes they say paint on their hallway floor was being pulled up from the water.

The apartment where Laura Baker, her four children, and newborn live was one of the ones that flooded.

"You could have actually gone swimming on our back porch. With the door closed water was up high. It was really deep," Baker says.

She says she and others have now started the cleanup process.
Her living room carpet is soaked and fans have been supplied to help dry it out. She says this is the first time she's dealt with this.

"We've never had a flood yet. My neighbors have across the hall like six times," says Laura Baker.

Now as repairs are being made and some people temporarily move out residents say they're just thankful for the fire department and other who helped with the flood problem this morning.

As for those impacted at the Parkway Apartments by the flooding, we are told they are being put up in hotels for the next couple of nights while repairs are being made.

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