Soldiers return home from year in Kosovo

More than 70 members of the National Guard returned home Wednesday to some very anxious families. Those families have been waiting almost a year for husbands, wives, mothers and fathers to come home.

Renee Martin has spent weeks teaching her daughter Kailey how to say Dad. Dad's about to return from Kosovo.

"They're over there keeping the peace to make sure it doesn't get crazy over there," says Martin.

Now these men and women are coming back to Kentucky to keep the peace in their own homes, returning to a role as citizen soldier. They spent 11 months abroad, some of them - like Martin's husband and Danielle Tomblin's - will be seeing their baby girls for the first time in a long time.

"I'm just excited to be a family finally because he left when we just got married. I was just a few months pregnant and he only saw her for a couple days after she was born too, so I'm pretty excited to see him with his daughter," says Tomblin.

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