Water Shortage Alert For Georgetown

A water shortage alert has been announced for Georgetown Municipal Water & Sewer Service customers.

Mandatory conservation measures are going into effect immediately, and the following non-essential water usages are prohibited:

- Watering of established lawns. parks, golf course fairways, playing fields and other recreational areas.

- Filling of residential swimming pools.

- Filling of fountains, reflecting pools, and artificial waterfalls.

- Use of fire hydrants (excluding Class I and Class II use).

- Flushing of sewers and hydrants (except as needed to ensure public health).

- Serving water in restaurants, clubs, or eating places, except by customer request.

- Increasing water levels in scenic and recreational ponds and lakes, except as necessary to support fish and wildlife.

- Use of water for dirt control or compaction.

- Washing sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking lots, tennis courts or other hard surfaces.

- Washing down buildings or structures for purposes other than immediate fire protection.

- Flushing gutters or permitting water to run to accumulate in any gutter or street.

- Expanding nursery facilities, placing new irrigated agricultural land in production.

- No washing of vehicles

According to the water shortage alert, when necessary customers may water minimally on an odd/even watering schedule.

Addresses ending in odd numbers water of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 6 am - 10 am, and 6 pm - 10 pm.

Addresses ending in even numbers water of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, from 6 am - 10 am, and 6 pm - 10 pm.

No watering on Mondays.

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